A snake charming, guitar slamming fire-breather is set to dazzle crowds with her extraordinary band Carnation Twink.

Blonde bombshell Georgina Leahy, who is fresh from touring with Adam Ant, promises not just a live gig, but a theatrical show when the rock and roll group performs in Lee this month.

The ravishing front lady wraps her scaly friend Slinky Sebastian – a Burmese albino python – around her neck and opens the performance with a song all about him.

She said: “Slinky is a tongue-in-cheek song about how snakes are better than men.

“My snake loves me and that’s something you can tell when we’re on stage – he performs as much as I do.

“Then I take him off and start playing the harmonica and tambourine.

“We do a cover of The Beatles’ Come Together – that’s when I get my guitar and angle grinder out and the sparks start flying.”

Carnation Twink’s act also includes a blazing fire eating session.

Georgina, who is also part of raunchy circus act GirlsRoc which reached the semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent, says the scale of the fire show depends on the venue’s policy.

“Once I was on stage and I did three fire breathes and the bouncer came running up.” She said.

“When I’m on stage I’m completely in a zone, I don’t hear or feel anyone so I put more paraffin in my mouth and breathed fire three more times.

“I think the fire alarms were going off and the bouncer was trying to stop me.”

News Shopper: Guitar-slamming Bromley fire breather and her snake set to rock Lee

The 23-year-old from Bromley has never had an accident whilst performing with her band, who have been together since the end of last year, but she has had a few mishaps in her other ventures.

She added: “When I was circus performing I fell off a 12ft trapeze and I had a third bum cheek for six months.

“Every time I go to A&E they hate me because they think I’m an idiot doing things like that.”

With Georgina singing lead vocals, the band is formed of Darien Smith on rhythm guitar and vocals, Daniel Rindle on lead guitar, Latif Oztosun on drums and Kyle Willis on bass.

Georgina continued: “It feels like we’ve been together forever.

“We are five comedians as well as five musicians, always battling about who’s the funniest.

“Since I was two-years-old I’ve loved being on stage.

“I love writing songs, expressing myself.

“The best thing about being in Carnation Twink is I get to do all my skills in one show.”

The band is performing at Dirty South in Lee High Road on March 24.

Tickets are £8 and available on the door.

For more information and upcoming gigs visit their page at Facebook.com/carnationtwink or follow them on Twitter @CarnationTwink