A swinging 60s band who Elvis once summonsed to ask how they were outselling The King, is set to rock fans in Bromley.

Herman’s Hermits are joining The Tremeloes, The Union Gapuk and The Dreamers on stage to relive the past when 60s pop music was at its best.

Packed with nostalgia and massive hits, The Sensational 60s Experience runs for one night only at The Churchill Theatre on Saturday March 17.

Barry Whitwam, drummer of Herman’s Hermits for the last 48 years, told the News Shopper what to expect.

He said: “We start off with a compere - Alan Mosca, lead sing of Freddie and The Dreamers – then they open the show and play the big hits.

“There’s a drum solo from Ray Martin and some fire as well – it’s really 60s stuff.”

The bands take it in turns to perform their chart toppers and reminisce over their fondest memories.

Barry added: “We all come back again for a finale and by the end the whole audience is up dancing in the aisles.

“Then we rush out to the foyer, pens in hand, before they can get there so we can talk to the audience, sign autographs and answer their questions.”

Herman’s Hermits have sold 75,000,000 records worldwide with hits including I’m Into Something Good, Henry VIII and There’s a Kind of Hush.

During their set, Barry talks about meeting Elvis Presley in the summer of 1965 – one of his ultimate career highlights.

Elvis was filming Paradise Hawaiian Style on the beach and when Barry arrived with lead singer Peter Noone they were told he was on a motorbike ride with his friends.

Barry continued: “Just then we heard a tremendous roar and he came spinning onto the film set – you can’t top that entrance.

“As Elvis approached us I was spellbound, it was as if God had come down from heaven.

“He wanted to know why we were selling more records than him – he wanted our secret.

“He was asking us about our haircuts and saying ‘how come the girls scream at you?’

“The guy had charisma oozing out of each pore.”

News Shopper: Herman's Hermits join the sensational Tremeloes to rock Bromley

Another highlight came in 1976 when Herman’s Hermits played in the Royal Command Performance surrounded by 12 dancing girls.

Barry added: “Our managers decided we should be dancing too so we had a crash course in ballet dancing with the big mirrors and poles – we didn’t wear the tights though.

“We were playing and dancing.

“We soon stopped that - clubs up north wouldn’t have that.”

Herman’s Hermits still perform over 200 shows a year worldwide and Barry shows no signs of giving up soon.

“I will carry on until I physically can’t do it anymore – what would I do if I retired?” He said.

“Gold five days a week?

“No thanks.”

The Hermits have been touring with The Sensational 60s Experience for two years.

Barry said: “We’re not the best musicians but we put 110 per cent into all our performances and everyone can see that.”

The show starts at 7.30pm and tickets are priced between £21 and £23.

For bookings call the box office on 0844 9717620 or visit www.atgtickets.com/bromley