Join a book signing with Masterchef winner Thomasina Miers at Wahaca, Bluewater this Sunday.

This Sunday (April 15) Masterchef winner and co-founder of award winning Mexican street food restaurant Wahaca will be holding a book signing at 12.30pm at her newest restaurant located in Bluewater’s Plaza area.

Thomasina's book, Mexican Food Made Simple, features some of the amazingly vibrant flavours of Mexico’s markets, with recipes inspired by her travels and dishes she’s now cooking back at home.

The talented cook won Masterchef in 2005 and recently hosted her own cooking show, also named Mexican Food Made Simple, on Channel 5 and the Food Network.

She will be appearing on the demo stage and the interview stage in The Glow Events Centre throughout the BBC Good Food Show on Sunday.

After picking up a signed copy of the book, you can also grab a table at the recently opened Wahaca restaurant, the first outside of London, to try some of her dishes for yourself. Wahaca’s menu is a perfect introduction to the mouth-watering flavours of Mexico’s street food.

Chefs at Wahaca use fresh and locally sourced produce.

The menu offers traditional street food dishes, soups and salads and platos fuertes (bigger plates).

Their street food dishes start at £3.50 and their quick service makes it the ideal shopping pit stop if you’re on the go, or for those who want to take it easy, a margarita in their converted VW camper van is the perfect way to unwind.