A look ahead at the week’s TV schedules.

AFTER a few weeks away Doctor Who returns for the second half of series six, on BBC One, Saturday at 7.10pm.

The last time we saw the gallivanting Gallifreyan, he found out River Song was actually Melody Pond, the daughter of Amy and Rory.

He also discovered she carried a few Time Lord traits thanks to the fact she was conceived in the Tardis and was on a mission to kill him.

But River isn’t the only icy killer.

The Tardis has landed in Berlin, 1938, and its inhabitants have inadvertently saved the life of Adolf Hitler, who’s been targeted by a mysterious alien robot which has the ability to duplicate any human form.

It isn’t long before it turns its attention to River, who needs the Doctor to save her life — which he’d be able to do easily, if only she hadn’t just poisoned him.

If all you’ve got to worry about is how to fill your social schedule for the rest of the week, then inspiring documentary Losing One of My Giant Legs: Extraordinary People, on Five, Wednesday at 9pm, should leave you with food for thought.

Mandy Sellars has a lot more on her plate.

She suffers from a condition which is so rare, despite best efforts, doctors aren’t able to diagnose it.

Since her birth, Mandy’s legs haven’t stopped growing and three years ago they reached a combined weight of 15 stone.

The problem is so severe doctors believe her legs are starving her upper body, which itself weighs even less than six stone.

The situation took a turn for the worse recently, though, when Mandy developed a potentially fatal infection in her left foot, which resulted in the amputation of her leg.

Mandy’s remarkable story is followed in this programme as part of the extraordinary bodies strand and cameras follow her as she learns to walk all over again — this time with a prosthetic leg.

Thanks to same great guests, there’s no wonder The Rob Brydon Show, on BBC Two, Friday at 10pm, has become one of the highlights of the schedules.

However, while it’s great to see big names sharing anecdotes or belting out their latest single, it’s often the rising stars who steal the show.

Ventriloquist Nina Conti, Australian stand-up Celia Pacquola and comedian Elis James have all proved they deserve more screen time, so let’s hope producers give them a chance on other shows.

This week’s main guest is Frank Skinner, the Midlands comic who spent a decade hosting his own chat show, so he may have a few tips for Rob on the fine art of the genre.

Plus, there is comedy by Joe Wilkinson and music from Manchester electropop duo Hurts.

The latter have gone down a storm thanks to their work with Kylie and the Scissor Sisters, so there’s a good chance they should win over a new wave of fans.