With the arrival of the new series of Doctor Who coming up this evening, we’ve picked our top 10 bits of south east London and north Kent Dr Who trivia.

Peter Capaldi will take on the lead role in the new series and the first episode, Deep Breath, will be screened at cinemas across the country as well as on BBC One.

Taking place at the Odeon in Leicester Square, a one-off event with special guests will be screened at multiplexes around the country - featuring a ‘never seen before’ five minute video, a 10-minute behind the scenes of episode one film and a Q&A with the stars.

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When the Doctor married his assistant

News Shopper: Tom Baker is still remembered fondly from his Doctor Who days

When fourth Doctor Tom Baker married Lalla Ward, who played the second incarnation of his companion Romana, the couple were living in a flat in Deptford. They divorced in 1982 and a decade later Lalla married renowned atheist Richard Dawkins.

Greenwich’s Ace

News Shopper: SPECIAL GUEST: Dr Who actress Sophie Aldred

Seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy’s companion Ace appeared in nine stories from 1987 to 1989. Playing the frustrated teenager was Sophie Aldred , 51, who was born in Greenwich and raised in Blackheath. She attended Blackheath High School.

Gambo’s Christmas Carol

News Shopper: Matt Smith stars as the Doctor alongside Michael Gambon and singer Katherine Jenkins in the Doctor Who Christmas special

Acting legend Michael Gambon – who was born in Dublin but moved to the Bexley borough as a child with his family – played a Scrooge-like character in the 2010 Christmas special, which was based on Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.

Gambon went to Crayford Secondary School and was an apprentice at Vickers in Crayford. He got involved in the theatre by helping out at Erith Playhouse when he was 18.

Learning to be the doctor in Sidcup

News Shopper: Tom Baker has led tributes to Nicholas Courtney

The longest serving Doctor, Tom Baker, studied acting at Rose Bruford College in Sidcup when he came out of the army in 1956.

Tides turning

News Shopper: Behind the scenes at the Thames Barrier

In 2006’s The Runaway Bride, starring David Tennant, was set under the Thames Barrier.

Dimensions in Greenwich

News Shopper: Christmas Carol Concert at the Old Royal Naval College Greenwich

Greenwich features heavily alongside Albert Square in the 1993 Dr Who/EastEnders Children in Need mash-up Dimensions in Time that – as well as Pat Butcher – featured FIVE Doctors (McCoy, Pertwee, Baker, Davison and Baker).

First off, the TARDIS materialises by the Cutty Sark in the year 1973, before the National Maritime Museum and Old Royal Naval College also get in on the act.

Before Bluewater

News Shopper: Bluewater has attracted more than a quarter of a billion visitors since it opened

Way back in 1972, in the episode The Mutants starring Jon Pertwee, the Western Quarry in Northfleet was the location for filming the surface of the planet Solos. It is also where the Doctor and Jo emerge from the caves. These days, the site is the giant Bluewater Shopping Centre.


News Shopper: Dr Who's arch enemy, a Dalek

In just the second series of Doctor Who, in 1964’s The Dalek Invasion of Earth, John’s Hole Quarry in Stone featured as the place where prisoners drag trucks into a hole and where people flee when the caves collapse.


News Shopper: Lunchtime Drink & Chislehurst Caves Tour

More cave action: Chislehurst Caves also featured in 1972’s The Mutants where the Doctor, Jo and Ky are lost in the caves.

No dome

News Shopper: The O2 in North Greenwich has been named the top arena at the Billboard Awards.

In 1988’s Silver Nemesis the old gasworks that preceded the Millennium Dome at Greenwich Peninsula featured as the Nemesis landing site.

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