From chip wrappers to pet bedding (and some other less wholesome suggestions we’ve had from disgruntled readers), there have been many uses for old News Shoppers but few look as fun as this.

The organisers of two new groups at the Deptford Lounge organised a fun shoot with photographer Doug Southall.

Storylines is a monthly theatre show that gives everyone the chance to create it. The director and actors will try out ideas from anyone who wants to develop the show, including people at the Lounge or on Twitter by writing to @ampersandmedia.

To inspire the shows, newspaper stories will be shares on the morning of each Storylines day.

Ampersand Media will also run a twice monthly newspaper reading group at The Deptford Lounge for people who want to discuss the news, have an opinion or people who just want to know more about the news.

Ampersand’s artistic director Mark Stevenson said the photo shoot was a lot of fun.

He said: “People came and joined in when they saw the fun that was happening, and we always find when we work in the area people are up for anything, and genuinely interested in what is going on around them.

“It's a rare visit to Deptford that you don't end up chatting to someone you've never met before.

“We covered The Lounge in newspaper and then every picture involved those joining in throwing papers in the air - the fast shutter speed of the camera almost makes the papers look like we've put them on strings.”

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