Eric Idle came face to face with another British comedy legend in Greenwich – and shared a sneak peek of Sacha Baron Cohen’s new comedy character.

The Monty Python star and Ali G creator, who happen to be neighbours in the US,  met coincidentally last week. 

Mr Idle tweeted: "So who did I bump into on my walk today but my LA neighbour? He's here filming. I love coincidence."

The Monty Python team were playing at The O2, while Mr Cohen is recording his new film Grimsby in Greenwich.

The photo gives a first glimpse at the comedian’s new character, an idiotic football hooligan who has to team up with his brother, a British black-ops spy, for a new assignment.

Among others the film will feature Mark Strong, Cohen’s wife Isla Fischer, and Rebel Wilson from Pitch Perfect.

Mr Idle took time out from the tour to see the sights of Greenwich. He  tweeted: "Walked to Greenwich and back, including twice under the Thames. Never new there was a pedestrian tunnel. Beautiful day. Maritime Museum."

The Monty Python Live (mostly) show is running until July 20, and Grimsby is expected to be released next summer.