Lucky you, you’ve wound up in Eynsford. But where should you go and what should you do?

Get historical


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Picture: English Heritage

Eynsford is home to two really cool sets of old ruins, both looked after by English Heritage. Lullingstone Roman Villa is one of the country’s best Roman archaeological sites, dating back to AD100. You can see mosaics, wall prints and 2,000-year-old artefacts, while children can dress up in costumes and play games.

The remains of Lullingstone Castle nearby date back to the early Norman period.
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Have a drink

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Eynsford’s spoilt for choice with pretty pubs. The Plough in Eynsford is a great gastropub with local beers and really good food. It’s had a fairly recent facelift and is nicely located next to the river. On the High Street, the Malt Shovel exudes olde worlde charm.

See that birdie fly


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The village is home to one of the UK’s largest Bird of Prey centres, Eagle Heights. The centre has around 150 birds and an ever-expanding Wildlife Sanctuary with animals including meerkats, snakes, lizards and a camel.

Heal the animals

News Shopper: Spiritual healer ready to work his animal magic

Spiritual healer Martin Purkis has set up the The Purkis Way Reiki and Spiritual Healing Sanctuary and shop with his girlfriend Melanie Steinberg. Martin uses his hands to treat human and animals with positive energy. He can work with animal, with horses, cats and dogs among his previous clients.

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Have a cuppa

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As the name suggests, Riverside Tea Room is right by the river side. It’s also exceedingly cute, and in the perfect spot for a relaxing drink and a cake.