Kent Police and Crime Commissioner, Ann Barnes, graced our TV screens last night in Channel 4's Cutting Edge documentary, Meet the Police Commissioner.

The show went down a storm on Twitter, with viewers describing Ann as 'a female David Brent' and the show as 'comedy gold'.

Defending her on-screen antics and motives for appearing on the documentary, Mrs Barnes said in a statement: "Over the last few days I have heard many accusations including that I have damaged the reputation of Kent Police.

"Personal insults I will have to endure but the reputation accusation concerns me very much. I want to be absolutely clear that in agreeing to the film being made, it was never my intention to draw adverse publicity to the excellent work being carried out by officers and staff in often very difficult circumstances."

But, with scenes more surreal than The Office, News Shopper suggests you make yourself a Cup a Soup and enjoy this list of top ten most bizarre moments from the programme:

1. The Onion

Ann's diagram representing "all the different policing priorities, in terms of priority."

However, when Ann was asked to name a crime that might appear on the outer-layer of the onion she "had no idea."

News Shopper:

2. Ann Force 1

Ann's £15,000 tour-bus made an appearance on the show.

3. Ann's job description

Who knew that an £85,000-year-position would have 'no job description?'

According to Mrs Barnes, she has "certain responsibilities to do but no actual job description."

4. The umbrella

During a TV interview Ann appears far more concerned about her umbrella blowing inside-out.

Luckily, a trusty assistant was on-hand with a more stable umbrella and don't worry, Ann has assured us she is going to be getting herself a better one.

News Shopper:

5. Asda

Ann makes a trip to Asda in Swanley because that's "where the people are."

During her visit the commissioner asks a police officer which criminal issues affect Asda the most.

The answer was quite obvious.. 'shoplifting.'

6. The Mercedes

Ann claims that despite her huge salary, she won't be buying a "top of the range Mercedes."

But, is then filmed pulling up to her office in a lovely SLK.

7. The Cup a Soup

After a crushing blow of being told she cannot raise the Council Tax precept by 3.5 per cent, the only way Ann can fight-off disappointment is to "make a Cup a Soup."

8. The dogs

After the Cup a Soup Ann perks up, she brings her two dogs into the office to "cheer everybody up" - only noone looks too pleased.

News Shopper:

9. Lazy burglars

According to Ann, "burglars are very lazy," so mobile policing units parked outside a house will definitely deter them from targeting that area.

10. The paint tin

Possibly the most insightful analogy of the hour-long programme, "Kent Police is like a tin of paint in the way that the lid needs to be prised off."

Ann claims that she wants to "open that tin of paint" but but then admits that, "it's not really a very good analogy at all."


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