It is undeniable that life would be much simpler if you had no worries.

A martial arts expert from Bromley believes he can help people become carefree.

Si-Fu Julian Hitch, who runs the Julian Hitch Martial Arts Schools of Excellence across London, said: “Martial arts training and Wing Tsun (his speciality) is about removing fear from your life.

Imagine if you didn’t have to be worried about anything.

“Imagine how different your decisions would be. If that’s what we would love, why wouldn’t we make that a reality?”

Earlier this month, Julian launched the 30 Challenge. Ostensibly, it looks like a lot of other get fit programmes – participants pay a set price and are encouraged to take in as many sessions as they can in a month.

There are prizes for the people who fit in the most sessions (last year, a lady in Bromley completed more than 150 hours in 30 days) and money is raised for Help for Heroes.

What’s unique about the 30 Challenge is that the focus is that the physical workout is only one element.

Julian, who has been teaching martial arts full time since he was 17 and is also a qualified barrister, said: “What we’re always trying to do with the students is trying to make them understand that what they think is impossible is possible. It is redefining what they think is possible.

“We thought ‘what can we do if we have people for 30 hours?’

“Actually, we can do a lot. We can really help them totally change their lives in 30 hours.

“We can make radical changes. You can define it in three different ways: the physical, the health and the spiritual.

“The spiritual is the most radical and most important change you can have, because it is about changing the mindset. It is about changing how you think about yourself, how you think about your relationship with others and, particularly, how you view the world.”

Though the martial art is taught to commandos and will teach you self defence, Julian insisted that teaching people to punch and kick is far from the be all and end all of the sessions.

He said: “Martial arts are not about fighting, they are about developing yourself.

“The last thing we want to be doing is rolling around on the floor like pigeons fighting someone.”

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