The build up to a World Cup is always exciting and EA’s FIFA World Cup game only whets the appetite further.

Mid-season games can come under a bit of stick but there are some neat ideas in this pre Brazil World Cup treat from EA Sports.

The first thing I tried when I played the game was how many skills I could do. It would be rude not to considering where the tournament is being held.

I loaded up Brazil v France and immediately got Neymar on the ball. I tried a whole load of different combinations and Neymar duly obliged by dancing his through the France defence. It was samba football and I loved it.

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Brazil v Mexico 

This pretty much sets the tone for the game really. It is fun FIFA.

The game play is fast and frantic which makes it entertaining and guarantees goals. Especially if you are playing against your mates.

There are also some good tweaks including a new training mode where fans can improve player attributes as the tournament progresses by completing different drills.

It is fair to say there are a few gimmicky things, like cut scenes to joyful crowd celebrations from around the world when you score a goal and shots of the Christ Redeemer looking over Rio de Janeiro.

But I am easily sucked in and I loved it.

So whether you want to have a pre World Cup FIFA tournament with your mates or you are setting up the PS3 at work, this game will certainly get you in the mood for one of the greatest tournaments around.

EA Sports 2014 FIFA World Cup – Brazil, XBOX 360 and PS3, £37.99 to £43.80.

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