Chef Martin McNair has cooked on tour for the likes of the Rolling Stones and worked in Michelin-starred restaurants. These days he owns his own catering firm in Greenhithe, A Question of Thyme.

This month, his seasonal picks are asparagus, Jersey Royal spuds and lovely lamb.

With the weather getting warmer, May sees a wealth of great British produce for us to enjoy.
Without doubt the king of the show is British asparagus.

With its season lasting a few weeks it is best eaten soon after it’s picked. It is great steamed , served with melted butter, or as ‘soldiers’ for a soft boiled egg and is wonderful paired with herbs and rocket in pasta dishes. Go to your local farmers’ market to get the freshest available.

The Jersey Royal potato has great earthy flavour, which is down to the island’s unique soil which is treated with seaweed.

Roast them in olive oil sea salt and thyme with a dip of garlic mayonnaise for a tasty party snack. Simply boiled with a few sprigs of mint is, for me, the best way to serve them.

New season Spring lamb, a natural pairing with Jersey Royals, has a wonderfully tender texture and   delicate flavour.  Joints such as shoulder or leg are fantastic slow roasted with lemon, rosemary, and garlic or North African spices such as sumac and cumin.

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