Picnic season is nearly upon us. You can take your Kent strawberries, locally-made scotch eggs and low-fat hummus, but how do you get your hands on a fresh espresso when you’re out in the wilderness?

The guys at Handpresso reckon the answer is their portable Handpresso Wild (99 euros), so we put it to the test.

Technologically, the Handpresso Wild is innovative but simple. It is basically a bicycle pump with a pod on the side. You pump to create the pressure necessary to push out quality espresso.

The design makes it easily portable and comfortably familiar, it easily creates 16 bar pressure, doesn’t need batteries, is eco-friendly and suitable for those afraid of computers.

It also takes specially made pods or loose ground coffee. There are even kits available where it comes bundled with extras like mugs in a little pack.

The crushing thing is that it is utterly pointless, as far as I can see, because it has no way of heating the water.

In order to make a nice coffee on your picnic you’ll need a kettle. Or at least a thermos.

So why not make your coffee at home and put it in a thermos before you leave?

For what it’s worth, the contraption is quirky and works well. The instructions in the booklet may list 16 confusing stages, but it’s actually surprisingly simple.

What's undeniable is that it is fun to use and certainly a talking point.

If you want a thimbleful of really good coffee on your travels and have a kettle in your rucksack then the world is your oyster with the Handpresso Wild.

Go to handpresso.com