‘We often forget that we breathe, but never forget to breathe’ – that is the concept behind a dance project which comes to Deptford Creekside on April 12.

The Air Hunger is a community project choreographed by internationally-recognised Hagit Yakira and performed by 22 non-professional dancers who engage in contemporary dance and the essence of breathing.

Community members came together with Hagit Yakira to create a piece where storytelling, dance, music and personalities are intertwined in a very human way.

The dance humanises how we take breathing for granted and how desperately we grasp for air when it is in short supply.

One of the dancers, Falli Palaiologou said: "I feel safe in this group of people. I think this safety comes from sharing. In the project we are exposed, we act upon our potentials and our limits, we share ourselves."

Collaborating with the composer Domenico Argarano and singer Kiraly Saint Claire, the show gains musical and physical momentum as the dancers portray the struggle for air.

The Air Hunger community project formed part of the research and development phase for Yakira’s new professional work with her company. Hagit Yakira dance recently won the title of Respond Project at Yorkshire Dance Festival.

The Air Hunger is at Trinity Laban at 2pm on April 12 as part of the Crossing the Creek festival. Call 020 8035 9400.