SALTY Ritz crackers are great, especially with cheese. But encased in chocolate?

Surprisingly good, it turns out. Cadbury has launched a pair of snack sized bars, each sandwiching four chunks of creamy classic Dairy Milk between mini biscuits.

There’s the predictably great LU sweet biscuits and the more out-there savoury Ritz version. We loved them both  - and they’ve got a great response online from celebs like Ellie Goulding, Billie Faiers, Peaches Geldof and Ollie Locke.

In honour of the Dairy Milk/Ritz mash-up, here are some foods which work well with chocolate...and some that don’t.

The Winners


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Picture: Aldi

The cereal’s pretty ‘meh’ on its own, but cover the golden flakes in chocolate and they are real winners.


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Flickr: Milles

Healthy snacks supercharged with a chocolate coating.

Soft fruit

News Shopper: Strawberries Dipped in Chocolate

Bananas, strawberries, cherries. Just Yes.


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The line of great chocolate covered biscuits is a long one: the Hobnob, the digestive, even the Rich Tea. Has there been a bad chocolate biscuit?


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Better yet, marshmallow AND biscuit covered in chocolate. Teacake, we salute you.

The Losers


News Shopper: Baker's wife hops into bath of chocolate covered Brussel sprouts

There may be some exceptions here, but certainly the chocolate sprout, onion, garlic and carrot are aberrations.


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Flickr: Boboroshi

It has been established that chocolate and salt work, but bacon? Really?


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Flickr: Stu_Spivack

If these ever get passed round at a party I’m at, ‘I’m on a diet’, k?


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Flicker: Danielle Wilmer

It’s not that I don’t love a good ploughmans..