INSPIRED by train journeys to and from London Bridge, Beckenham’s Julian Kirkman-Page has written a book, The 7:52 to London Bridge.

Julian’s book is an autobiographical comedy which describes his struggles as a businessman studying for science degree while commuting between home and London Bridge station.

The 56-year-old, originally from Kingshall Road in Beckenham, now lives by the sea in Selsey.

He has decided to donate all profits to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

Split into 14 different train journey experiences, it explores challenges Julian experienced while trying to study on the train.

He said: “Having finished my degree course, I found myself once again staring aimlessly out of the window of the train whenever I travelled up to London, and I started thinking about all the strange and amusing experiences I have had over the years involving trains.

“So I decided to write them down and try and raise some money for charity.”

‘Mischief on the train to school at St. Dunstan’s College, in Catford’ and ‘Explosive misdemeanours at Keston Ponds’ are just a couple of the tales featured in the book which will no doubt resonate with Shopper readers.

He also explores comical adventures in the Galapagos Islands, Lake Titicaca, Bermuda and Africa.

The 7:52 to London Bridge is currently available via Amazon as an e-book or as a paperback.