BREAD expert and Great British Bake Off judge Paul Hollywood is packing up his rolling pin and heading out on a live tour.

The show comes to Fairfield Halls in Croydon on May 24 and Paul said people can expect to hear the story of his life in baking, learn recipes and ask him questions. At the end, four audience members will be able to take part in their own mini bake-off.

The TV chef, 48, said: “I want it to be fun and interactive. I’ll answer those questions that people are always firing at me on the street or Twitter or Facebook.”

He is also keen for people to get to know the ‘real’ Paul Hollywood better.

He said: “I want it to be a laugh. I’ve got one image on the Bake Off and I’ve got another image on Pies and Puds, which is more me. It’s a bit more jokey and a bit more cheeky, that’s a bit more me.”

Meeting his ever-growing army of fans is something Paul has had to get used to and enjoys.

He said: “A lot of people say hello to me and ask me questions about Bake Off and when the next series is. The public do say hello to me and they are very genial.”

As you would expect, he does get a lot of comments on those piercing blue eyes, though was quick to humbly add: “But I also get the odd person saying ‘you’re not as fat as I thought’.”

When I asked him how he felt about being a pin-up (women in the office swooned when I mentioned I was interviewing), Paul became bashful.

“Dear me, they need to get out more,” he said. “It’s very flattering, but I don’t believe it to be honest.”

He doesn’t recognise the George Clooney comparisons either.

He said: “That’s ridiculous. He’s a good looking fella. I think if you give anybody blue eyes there’ll be comments.”

Travelling up to Croydon in May shouldn’t be too much of a stretch for Paul, who has lived in Kent for the past 15 years, and loves the county’s food.

He said: “The soft fruit is incredible here. I’ve got friends who are big strawberry farmers. He leaves me little punnetts outside the house and they are stunning. Generally I think food in Kent is very, very good.

“There are some great places to eat.

“Spitfire beer is particularly good. The Shepherd Neame family is particularly incredible some of the stuff they produce.”

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