A BRITISH Indian English teacher-turned-author’s book politically-charged book on immigration is already making waves internationally.

UKIP member Sarinder Joshua Duroch, 40, who lives in Gravesend and was born in Glasgow, has written Enoch, I am a British Indian.

The title refers to the views expressed by Enoch Powell in his infamous Rivers of Blood speech in the 60s.

Sarinder said: “I have different views on Powell. I don’t condone the views he has. My personal opinion of him is that I understand his ethos on immigration.”

He said: “Readers can expect an exceptionally unique perspective towards immigration and multiculturalism in our nation from a British Indian.”

“Regardless of the perception of Enoch, we are both part of this nation.”

Sarinder’s book will undoubtedly set tongues wagging.

Enoch, I am a British Indian is published by The Choir Press, £8.99.