Chislehurst will be transported back in time to a place where Gucci loafers and Moschino jeans were all the rage.

The Lounge in Chislehurst hosts a bi-monthly Bon Bonne reunion, kicking off on March 14 and featuring original Bon Bonne DJ's Martin Cee and Scottie Anderson. 

Club manager James London, 34, from Chislehurst, said: “In the nine years I’ve been running this place it’s the quickest night I’ve known for ticket sales. They sell out literally within a day of going on sale.

“We get a good older crowd in, aged from around 30 up to 50. Martin and Scottie put on some good club classics and really get the place going.”

From the late seventies, through the eighties and into the mid-to-late nineties, the Bon Bonne –in Herne Hill – stood tall among London’s top nightclubs.   

On the former club, London said: “The Bon Bonne was one of those clubs that was known across the whole of south London for putting on great nights.

“I was one of the last generations that went there before it eventually shut.

“So when Martin Cee and Scottie Anderson approached me needing a bigger venue to put their nights on I was really up for it.”