Where else but Margate can you enjoy mouth-watering cheeses washed down with cider, the works of Turner set against the sea and a mysterious grotto made of shells?

This seaside town may appear slightly neglected at first glance but delve a bit deeper and it is a treasure trove of opportunity. What’s more, you can get there for £10 return from London when you buy online.

Here are some recommendations from News Shopper:

1. You can explore the Grade 1 listed Shell Grotto for only £3.50.

This incredible labyrinth of shell-covered tunnels is believed to have been discovered in 1835 during the digging of a duck pond under farmland.

However its origins remain clouded in mystery.

Some experts believe it may have date back to the Knights Templar of the mid 12th century whilst others saying it only dates back to the 1700s or even later. 

2. For a spot of lunch why not try Peter’s Fish Factory which is ideally located along the sea front and does great fish and chips. Nuff said.

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3. You will probably need some beautiful views and cultural inspiration to help you digest. The Turner Gallery (pictured below) showcases the Margate coastline and will make you feel like you are starring in your own episode of Grand Designs.

The exhibitions, obviously focusing on Turner, are also worth a trip.

There is also currently an accompanying exhibition on Helen Frankenthaler who was influenced by the Victorian painter.

4. The Mad Hatter’s Tearoom is indeed mad. Crammed full with British memorabilia, with a current focus on Princess Diana.

Above the stairs you can also spot an apparently ‘floating baby’ in a Victorian family portrait.

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It offers a huge range of treats from cream teas to champagne and everything in between. It also boasts an excellent Tripadvisor rating.

5. And to wash down all the cream tea, culture and shell knowledge, it is probably worth nipping for a trip in The Lifeboat pub

It has delicious cheeses from Kent, ranging between £4 and £8, local wines and a huge range of ciders. It is small, slightly disorganised but full of old-boozer charm.

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