AN ERITH indie rocker has won a spot at one of the world’s biggest music festivals with the band he put together while living in Thailand.

The Standards, who are fronted and managed by 32-year-old Matt Smith, have a showcase at the huge SXSW festival in Texas next month.

Matt, who moved to Bangkok eight years ago, said: “I think it goes without saying we're super-excited to be playing at this one.

“We've played a few shows in Los Angeles before got to do our fair share of touring and loved it so going back to the States and playing an even bigger festival is a dream come true.

“Through the constant hard work we've put in over the years, we've managed to do a fair bit of touring and play some huge shows.

“We have a great following now so were able to be accepted onto the line up this year.”

The Standards, an indie band made up of another Brit and three Thai friends, were born out of a monthly indie night that Matt ran in the Thai capital.

Their first gig was at an old puppet theatre turned music venue, Club Culture, and things quickly took off.

Matt said: “It actually went really well from the start, we knew we were onto something.

“Whereas in England a new indie band is a little fish in a big pond, here we're a big fish in a little pond but this isn't always to our advantage.

“It's that way because the indie scene is very small here.

“It’s harder to get a new audience listening to our music but on the plus side as bands rarely play our kind of material, our gigs are full and touring is always a success.”

As well as touring all over the world, the band has supported big names like The Charlatans, Pet Shop Boys, The Wombats and The Cribs when they have toured south east Asia.

Their sound is indie-inspired and Matt’s south east London upbringing plays a big part.

He said: “Other places come close but there's no denying London has the best music scene in the world and I've seen quite a lot of it.

“Growing up surrounded by that much music and attending as many gigs as I did, it all has a subconscious effect.

“When I started The Standards, I instantly knew what we should sound like.

“South London is also full of so many hard working people trying to make ends meet so inevitably I have that in me too.

“I've channelled that mentality into my band and my music and it's got me where I am and where this band is. Thank you Erith.”

Find out more about The Standards and when they’re gigging back in England at or on Twitter @The_Standards