DOES dating mean awkward silences, forgotten names and having one drink too many to you? Well you’re not alone, even celebs struggle.

In this hilarious hidden camera vid by dating app Flirt Planet, Made in Chelsea star Francis Boulle tries out his chat-up lines on unsuspecting members of the public, with cringeworthy results.

He’s not the only flirting failure, as Flirt Planet’s research reveals. The top 10 turn off are:

1.       Bragging (64%)
2.       Talking about your exes (55%)
3.       Talking about yourself too much (40%)
4.       Mentioning the word ‘marriage’ (38%)
5.       Getting their name wrong (37%)
6.       Getting drunk (34%)
7.       Making it too obvious you want to sleep with them (31%)
8.       Being too quiet (28%)
9.       Talking about celebrities you fancy (26%)
10.   Talking about politics (22%)

Francis said: “Finding someone you like can be difficult enough, let alone then trying to get them to like you. Chatting someone up is not easy. I get all tongue tied and use lines that I think they’ll find funny, but more than often I just get this – “you’re weird” screwed up face back from them!”

Flirt Planet Play is available on iPad and Facebook, and Flirt Planet Meet is available on iPad and iPhone. Further iPhone and Android versions will be coming soon.