FOR the uninitiated, flowers are a minefield - do you get one or a bunch? How much should you spend? Surely roses are ok?

Vibe wants to help you - and frankly we can’t afford to mess it up again either - so we asked Emma Wilson, the head florist at Bridge Artistic Flowers in Bellegrove Road, Welling, to share some of her knowhow.

Emma said: “Obviously most people choose red roses but not everybody loves roses.

“Orchids are always a nice choice and Gerbera are popular, so are Lillies.”

So, yes, roses are fine. But what colour? You guessed it; red.

“Certain colours of roses have different meanings; red is love, yellow is friendship and white is peace,” said Emma.

“For a first Valentines, if you have not been seeing the person for very long, you should probably just go for a single rose. They are nice and simple but not too over-the-top.

“For a grand gesture, you could go for 12 red roses or mixed bouquet which also has roses in it.”

In terms of arrangement, Emma said hand-tied is always popular but vases are a good idea because they have a lasting momento, as are options with teddies and chocolates.

Roses cost a few quid at this time of year, so Emma reckons £30 is a decent amount to spend on a new love, although you can go much extravagant.

She said: ““We have had people order 100 red roses hand tied, which was quite expensive.

“The biggest Valentine’s order we have was for a £200 bouquet. It was large but you get a lot in it. It was about four foot by the time it was finished, with lots of roses in it.

“It was a Valentine from a husband to his wife. As far as I’m aware it was good because he was back the next year for another one, slightly smaller.”

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