PlayStation 4 players haven't yet been blessed with many games to play on their swanky new consoles.

Luckily among the small selection of titles released since November there are some real gems, offering high quality experiences.

Here I round up 10 games which should be on the radar of new PS4 owners. Admittedly, a couple of them aren’t necessarily the best games but are still worth checking out to see what they’re like and to try something a bit different from the norm.

Fifa 14

I'm a big footy fan and a long-time devotee of EA Sports’ sim series so perhaps I'm a little biased but I think Fifa 14 is the best game on PS4 so far. It's a contentious choice, I know, considering the incredible visuals provided by a couple of the big action blockbusters - but Fifa 14 looks pretty amazing too, and contains enough game-changing tweaks from previous versions to make it a proper next-gen experience. Ball physics and player animations are top-notch. What I really like is the extra attention to detail, including players’ shirts rippling, stewards and police officers standing on the sidelines and grass that really looks like grass. The beautiful game has never been so beautiful before.

Killzone: Shadow Fall

I only wanted to include one first-person shooter on this list. Call of Duty: Ghosts isn’t worth bothering with and Battlefield 4 doesn’t offer anything to get too excited about other than admittedly impressive graphics. Killzone is the best of the three available overall so it gets the nod. It looks amazing for one thing, edging out Battlefield on visuals. Secondly, while it runs out of puff in terms of ideas as it goes along, it does early on at least contain some twists on the usual generic linear FPS format, with some levels which are more open-world and tactical.

News Shopper: Killzone Shadow Fall

Need for Speed: Rivals

News Shopper: Need for Speed Rivals

With the weird release of Gran Turismo 6 on PS3 instead of PS4 just before Christmas and the postponement of the excellent looking Driveclub, Need for Speed: Rivals is currently the only option if you want to go racing on your new console. Luckily Rivals is very good. It looks stunning for starters, although you don’t get much chance to admire the scenery during the fast and furious arcade-style cops-vs-racers chases. It can get a bit samey with not much difference between the various challenges but with its great sense of speed it's a first-rate ride when you want some behind-the-wheel thrills.

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

News Shopper: Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag

I was mostly full of praise for this epic “Pirates of the Caribbean meets Grand Theft Auto” adventure when I reviewed it on PS3 in November. Thanks to it running even more smoothly and looking even prettier, the PS4 version is better still. For this instalment in the Assassin’s Creed saga the on-land exploration and action as 18th century privateer-turned-pirate Edward Kenway combines superbly with the intense sea-battles for an enjoyable and immersive game. Set sail into a huge game world packed with loads of content – and when you’ve plundered all of the main game’s treasures the new Freedom Cry DLC is now available, with a three-hour single-player expansion featuring secondary character Adewale.

Lego Marcel Super Heroes

News Shopper: Lego Marvel

The creativity, humour and plastic-fantastic versatility of Lego combined with the comic book action of Marvel led to a game that was a complete blast to play on PS3. Exploring a playful Lego version of New York City as Hulk, Spider-man, Iron Man and co really appealed to my inner kid. Like with Black Flag, this game hasn't been changed much for the transition to PS4 aside from extra touches to textures and visual effects, plus longer draw distances. So, it's just as much fun but looks a bit more polished. This is one of the few big-name family games available on PS4.


News Shopper: Resogun

With the exception of Fifa 14, Resogun is the most fun I've had on my new PlayStation 4. It's a good old-fashioned arcade shoot 'em presented in a modern hi-res technicolor skin. The aim of this twin-stick shooter is simply to defend the humans, shoot all the enemies and survive as long as possible. Like all arcade classics, Resogun is very basic but also intense, exciting and challenging. It has that addictive quality that sucks you in and makes you want to play one more time to see if you can beat your previous best score at the end of each game. It's a sight to behold too, with graphics akin to a fireworks display at times. Resogun is available as a budget price download or free if you sign up to PlayStation Plus. Of all the PS4's early titles this little one has surprised me the most, in a good way.

NBA 2K14

News Shopper: NBA 2K14 for PS4

Slam-dunk - this has surely got to be hands down the best basketball sim yet seen on home consoles. The PS3 version was already right up there with the best sports games currently on the market, and the PS4 upgrade takes it even further. Extra attention to detail is noticeable as soon as you play the first match, evident in the smooth-flowing court action, lighting effects, realistic animations and extra flourishes to the broadcast-style presentation. If you enjoy basketball or even have just a passing interest in sports game, this is a must-have.

Madden 25

News Shopper: Madden 25

A bit like basketball, American football is something of a niche interest in this country. I can't imagine the latest version in the long-running Madden NFL series (so named because it's the 25th anniversary) being on many people's shopping lists, but those who pass it up will be missing out on another high-quality sports sim. It's a great looking gridiron game which, much like with Fifa and NBA 2K14, boasts impressive authenticity and attention to detail across virtually every area of the experience.

Doki-Doki Universe

News Shopper: Doki-Doki Universe

This charming, colourful and cute game looks like it’s come from the pencil case and the hand of a seven-year-old – plus it plays like it might have come from the innocent mind of a child too. It’s hard to describe other than to say it’s a kind of puzzle/matching game featuring an abandoned robot on a voyage of personal discovery to learn about what humanity means. It’s not the most exciting or fun game, and it does becomes repetitive after a while, but it’s also very likable and it oozes warmth. Something else which counts in its favour is the fact it’s very different from anything else out there, so is worth a look.


News Shopper: Knack

This is an action-adventure game featuring a robot-like creature made from animated ancient relics. It kind of takes players on a nostalgic trip back to simpler times with its old-school platform and beat 'em up elements but adds a little bit of next-gen style such as showing off some nice colours, lovely cartoon-like graphics and the smooth-running operating speed of the PS4. While I've found parts of it to be bland and unexciting so haven't played it much since first getting my PS4, my 11-year-old daughter loves it and it’s been her go-to game whenever she’s been able to pull the DualShock 4 controller from my hand. This suggests it's perhaps more of a daytime game for the kids to enjoy, before the adults get Killzone or Assassin's Creed out at night.

What's been your favourite PS4 game so far? Which one have you spent the most time with? What new games are you most looking forward to later this year? Add your comments below.