Michael Avery, 27, Belvedere

Why this design?

Because I stupidly thought I'd never run another marathon and thought this would be a great souvenir.

I am currently training for this year's Brighton Marathon - don't think I'll get a tattoo for that one though.

How much did it cost?


Did it hurt? What did it feel like?

I got this done the day after the London Marathon so to say excruciating would be an understatement. 

My legs were in agony and it seems like he was grating on granite due to the tightness of my calves.

What did your friends say?

Some have laughed - said the medal was a souvenir enough, others have actually said it was a good idea.

I am pleased with it nevertheless.  I just wish I'd got a better marathon finish time though...

Have you got any more? If so, what and where are they?

I have three other tattoos.  I have my wife's name and son's name with his date of birth in Chinese lettering on my inside right arm.  I also have an inspirational quote on my inside left arm.

Michael’s got his tattoo at GB Tattoo in Northumberland Heath.

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