ANY place where PubSpy is asked – apropos of nothing – if I'm a model is virtually guaranteed a positive review.

On that basis, The Greyhound in Keston is a five star pub through and through.

And to be fair, it is not far off those credentials even without the unwarranted flattery from the clientele.

The Greyhound stands proudly on the edge of a pretty green and you can easily imagine heading in after a nice walk with your lurcher, hanging up your Barbour jacket and settling down for an ale by the log fire.

It’s a beautiful country pub with a soft-green finish, plenty of seating on different levels and a rustic-looking sideboard arrangement behind the bar.

Forget about me (for now), this pub could probably model.

There’s a buzz to the place, with happy chatter rising above the easy listening Lionel Richie and a mixed customer base from 20-somethings to families and older folk (one of whom thought I wouldn’t be amiss on the catwalk).

Dogs are welcome too, and there were a couple of the scamps wandering about when I was there, including a gorgeous St Bernard that I just wanted to snuggle.

I will admit I was slightly disappointed that there were only three standard ales on tap – Abbott, Speckled Hen and Timothy Taylor Landlord – but the presence of Aspall Cider and Cobra went some way to compensating.

Thankfully, the lovely kiwi (I think) barmaid was accommodating to the fact that I had Derek Zoolander-style ability to think ahead in not getting cash out and was happy to take my payment by card, despite the fact I only ordered a pint of Cobra.

The Greyhound, Commonside, Keston

How it rated:

Atmosphere ***** A woman thought I was a model. Full marks#

Drink*** Could do with more ale

Staff **** Didn’t make me walk to a cash point

Price *** £3.80 a pint isn’t breaking the bank

Decor **** a handsome pub