A FRANTICALLY filthy concoction of dirty, raw, garage-rock blues is how south east London band Wolf Club Lunar Society describe themselves.

Their debut single One More Line is out February 3, with the desert-blues style B-side 9 O’Clock.

Expect dirty riffs, pounding drums and a sneering punk rock spirit from the unlikely quartet which takes its inspiration from London’s sleazy back-alley clubs.


Antony Flynn and Sammy J discovered Peter Sim playing the harmonica in a local car park and Aimes

Anand in a dingy bar in Lewisham where she was challenging locals to whisky drinking contests.

Together, the four create gritty rock ‘n’ roll with frantic vocals and screaming feedback.

They describe their music as “a tip o' the hat to the city we were spawned in and love”.

They add: “We wanted to capture the bustling mundane days against the hazy, sleazy nights in the city… we find art in chaos and inspiration in the imperfections of our surroundings”.

See the band perform live at a launch party for their single at The Good Ship, Kilburn on February 7.

Go to wolfclublunarsociety.co.uk