Adam Wilson, 29, from Welling, Kent

Why this design?

I saw this design on a lady online and absolutely loved it.

I wanted a tattoo and after many hours of searching I found this design on the internet.

I gave this design to LaVale who then changed it to make it my own. The end result, I think is awesome.

How much did it cost?

£310  in total

Did it hurt?

It did hurt, but it was worth the pain.

It did hurt a little, but to be honest I’ve had worse sunburn.

What did your friends say?

Most love it but a few are not sure. But tattoos are all about personal taste, what I like is not always liked by others but then I don’t like some tattoos I’ve seen on other people either.

Tattoos nowadays are art - it would be a boring world if we all liked the same.

Have you got any more?

I have two bull skulls on my left upper arm, representing my birth sign which is Taurus. I also have the Eye of Horus on my right upper arm. All three were also done by LaVale.

Adam’s tattoo was done by LaVale at Demon Inkorporation in Bellegrove Road, Welling.