A SINGER who fell in love with south east London 15 years ago has released her fourth album.

Kaz Simmons moved from her home in Brighton to study at Goldsmiths and stayed in the area ever since.

She said: “I’ve kind of stuck around, I love it. I love Greenwich, I don’t live there anymore but I love it so much. A lot of my friends are still here as well.”

Kaz’s album, Signs, is out now. Her first two albums were very jazz-inspired but this one has a wider array of influences, she said, including folk and a little bit of prog rock.

And the capital has had a big affect on her music.

She said: “There are songs about internet dating in London. It’s quite tricky, I think. There are quite a lot of people.

“My song For the Love of Big L is about the Jubilee line.”

The video for the latter was filmed partly in Greenwich too.

Kaz said: “It’s in the park at the end. At the beginning it is at the cafe at the Pleasaunce.

“I’m good friends with Lizzie who runs the cafe and she very kindly let us use t. It was really cool and I wanted to get things like that in it.”

The reception to Signs has been positive, with Kaz gaining radio play on Radio 2 on Jamie Cullum’s show. It has been even more impressive considering Kaz releases her music on her own label and runs the business side of things herself too.

She said: “It’s hard work. I do everything and try and promote it.

“I am self-funded. I did have a crowd-funding campaign to pay for some of it, which was really good and really successful.

“It raised a little bit and I paid for the rest.

“I work hard, I teach guitar to kids in south London.”

She added: “It’s easy to release songs yourself but to get noticed is tricky. It’s hard to do promo yourself.”

Kaz Simmons’ album Signs is out now. Kaz plays the Green Note in Camden on Friday, November 15 as part of London Jazz Festival. Go to kazsimmons.com