I felt quite nostalgic taking my son to Godstone Farm for a friend’s first birthday.

I can remember seeing photos of me as a toddler petting the farm animals and eating ice cream on a sunny day. It was so special to re-create the same memories with my LO.

Godstone Farm is an award-winning farm where children can interact and be educated on animal care.

There are lots of outdoor play areas, an indoor play barn if the weather is wet and scheduled farm activities to keep kids entertained. Older kids can enjoy tractor rides, animal feeding, zip slides and toboggans.

The farm does get busy during certain hours when nurseries and schools bring their entourage but this is to be expected.

My LO was free to explore the different farm zones as there aren’t many steps and the animal interaction is at kid-height.

It was the first time that my son had been up close and personal to a rabbit and he learned to gently stroke its fur. We also practiced our animal noises around the farm encouraging him to mimic mummy.

The indoor play barn has a fantastic soft play including a dedicated climbing space for toddlers, which is separate to the big kids’ area.

It was nice to chase him around the soft play but he could also move independently around the frame and challenge his newfound climbing skills with his peers.

The outdoor sand pit is also pretty special with diggers, slides, buckets and spades. Maybe bring a spare pair of clothes as I’m still finding sand in the car!

On a practical level, there are plenty of stations reminding you to wash your hands after touching the animals.

The café serves a decent range of food at fair prices – I enjoyed a jacket potato and my LO devoured the mac & cheese.

The farm has good transport links by car, bus or train. Children under one enter for free, under two is £2 and for adults and children aged 2-16 its £6. Membership is also available.

The main draw to Godstone Farm is the benefit of the indoor and outdoor play areas plus it’s great for a growing child or entertaining children of different ages. Who knows, the next time we visit I could be tempted to get a new family member from the pet sale barn!

For more information, visit: www.godstonefarm.co.uk

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