A passionate painter is inviting people to immerse themselves in vibrant landscape pictures which capture beauty in a way cameras simply can’t.

Community artist Roger Mortimer is branching out from his numerous commissions in schools and clubs to present his own show of stunning paintings in Greenwich.

His contemporary pieces are inspired by joyous memories of different weather conditions and light, including thunderstorms.

He told Vibe: “I’m very interested in weather and light - it’s the sort of thing you take a picture of with a camera, but it never looks quite as you remember it.

“The paintings fill in the gaps.

“They are an emotional response to the landscapes.

“They are all done from memory, from snapshots I took in my head of places I’ve been.”

More than 30 of Roger’s landscapes, priced between £65 and £1,100, will be on display at the Paul McPherson Gallery in Lassell Street between March 5 and March 16.

The Bexley-based painter, 49, has been creating art since he was just four-years-old.

He added: “There will be 34 pieces to see, which I’ve done since November – I’m quite quick.

“I don’t plan any of the paintings, I put the paint on the canvas and it sort of just appears.

“It just happens.

“It means you are never disappointed.

“You don’t become too anal with it – if it feels right, it is.

“They are about immersing yourself in the landscape, colours, weather and feeling joy.

“There are a lot about thunderstorms and rain because you never stand around to look at them.”

Roger also works in schools across Greenwich, getting children involved with large-scale sculptures, murals and mosaics.

The exhibition is free to enter.

Visit paulmcgallery.com and rgmortimer.com