GOLDSMITHS graduates have created an exhibition exploring the relationship between art and therapy.

This free and interactive show brings together work from five artists at the No Format gallery in Harrington Way, Woolwich. Ceramics, film and mixed media are all used to explore the relationship between art, client and psychotherapist.

There is even a daily open studio session at the Art and Psychotherapy exhibition where visitors can make their own artwork to be displayed in the gallery as part of the show.

Former Art Psychotherapy student Clare Hobbs, who studied at Goldsmiths University in New Cross, said: “The exhibition is a chance to promote an understanding of art therapy and also for us to think about how our training had changed our art practice.

“I think the training for me really amplified the themes already in my work and brought them to my conscious attention.”

Goldsmiths University course convenor Jill Westwood said: “This exhibition is doing something significant that is radical and cutting edge.

“It is bringing together contemporary art and art psychotherapy practice and engaging with the audience.”

The exhibition will be open between 11am and 3pm until Friday and between 11am and 5pm on Saturday and Sunday (Feb 17).

Between 12pm and 3pm each day there will be a chance to make art with materials and refreshments provided and there will be a closing event will be held on Sunday.

For more information, visit