Valentina Mandrillo, 26, Blackheath

Why this design?

This is a painting I did, and I wanted it tattooed on me.

I'm planning to have a full sleeve and this is the first session.

This sleeve will be about my life as an artist and tattooist.

How much did it cost?


Did it hurt?

It hurt in some parts but it's a tolerable pain.

It really hurt in the beginning, but then I got used to the feeling and it wasn't as bad.

What did your friends say?

They love it and can't wait to see the sleeve when it's complete.

Have you got any more?

I have a Japanese-style tattoo on my shoulder, a rose on the back of my neck and writing on my ribs.

*Valentina’s tattoo was done by Ollie Pinder at Demon Inkorporation in Bellegrove Road, Welling