The Greenwich-based Meantime Brewing Company has created its first limited edition beer of 2013, the Bohemian Dark.

Inspired by the classic Czech ‘Cerne Lezak’ black lagers, the brew is available on draught at Meantime’s retail outlets and also on-tap at a select range of specialist craft pubs, bars and restaurants.

Brewed using a trio of distinctive roasted malts and authentic Czech yeast, the Bohemian Dark offers a heady mix of toasted and smoky aromas married with an array of flavour profiles including bitter chocolate, coffee and dark raisins.

Carefully blended American Cascade, Chinook and Czech Saaz hops help create a clean, balanced bitterness, while the authentic Czech yeast strain imparts a long, dry finish.

Meantime Bohemian Dark is a 4.9% ABV brew and the ideal accompaniment to richly flavoured roasted joints, including pork with crackling, goose and dark game.

Alastair Hook, master brewer at Meantime Brewing, said: “A uniquely complex and robust beer, the Bohemian Dark provides an exceptional depth of flavour that combines spicy and smoky aromas underpinned by a subtle bitterness on both the nose and palate.

“Building on the classic Cerne Lezak brewing methods from the Czech Republic, the Bohemian Dark is a warming beer and an ideal start to 2013.”