He’s the longest-serving presenter on CBeebies.

But, even after 11 years of rapping about numbers, dressing up like a crazy person and smiling like a joker, Sid Sloane insists he has not lost his marbles.

Now, the bubbly star is spreading joy nationwide as he embarks on a theatre tour with family-friendly adventure, Sid’s Show, stopping in Catford on February 3.

He told Vibe: “It’s the greatest show on Earth – it’s absolutely amazing!

“In some scenes, it’s very interactive.

“I come out and the first song uses music from the Number Raps, but we’ve changed the lyrics.

“Everyone who watches CBeebies knows the raps – they are very, very popular.

“Instantly, I’ve got everyone on side.”

The 34-year-old will be bringing his exciting show to The Broadway Theatre.

It is packed with funny characters, surprises, games, songs and magic.

Sid added: “I’ve got a dog in the show called Fuzzy.

“She’s life-size - it’s as if she’s a real dog and she’s just there to be loved.

“We go on a journey and we realise I haven’t got my socks and shoes.

“We go to a beach, underwater, we go to a jungle and we go to an alien planet where an alien helps me out.

“Then the audience helps us solve the problem.”

Parents have approached Sid after his 55-minute show and told him it’s the first time their three-year-olds have quietly sat through anything.

“They are completely glued to the show.” He said.

“Something is happening which keeps them there.

"The message is they can do what they like by using imagination.

"You can create a world to live in, whether it's real or fantasy."

For the first time in his career, Sid has had a hand in writing music for the production with the help of a composer.

He added: “I wanted to introduce blues to children at a very early age.

“It suits my voice better anyway – it’s happy blues.”

Sid, who is the only original CBeebies presenter left on the show, will leave his TV job at the end of March.

He has become a firm favourite with kids, and is even the face of CBeebies in Africa.

Although excited to take on new challenges, he has loved every minute of the high-energy role.

“I can get away with singing really badly, wearing a tutu and penguin suit and saying ‘Happy Birthday’ to everyone while still feeling sane.” He continued.

“Then I go home to tell my 15-year-old son how to behave.

“It comes naturally to me – I’m addicted.

“I am connected to the child within me.

“I’m the sort of person at barbecues and weddings that all the kids come running to.

“I don’t know why they do that.

“But I have more fun with them than I do with adults.

“It’s always been like that, I can’t deny it.”

As well as turning his hand to comedy, Sid hopes to involve youngsters nationwide in writing and acting workshops.

He added: “I’m really excited about the future.

“Unless I leave CBeebies, nobody truly believes I’m available to do other things.

“I’m going to spread my wings and watch what happens.”

Visit broadwaytheatre.org.uk for tickets.