A mesmerising, high-energy theatre show for kids – which leaves its stars “dripping with sweat” – is coming to Dartford.

Channel 5’s milkshake! favourites, including Noddy and Little Princess, will be leaping out of a gigantic TV screen onstage at The Orchard Theatre.

And it will be milkshake! presenter Amy Thompson’s job to help get the mischievous bunch back into the box on time.

The bubbly actress said: “Another presenter and I lead the show.

“There’s lots of singing, dancing and fun.

“It’s really high-energy – I feel like I’ve done a workout in a sauna afterwards.

“We are just dripping with sweat.

“You have to give it your all every time.

“If you drop the ball, you lose the kids straight away.”

Amy, who has just finished a run as Cinderella in pantomime, worked extensively in theatre before she landed her place on the milkshake! team.

She added: “I think we are all just really fortunate that all five of us are naturally happy people.

“I’m probably quite annoying for some people.

“But we’re all just ourselves and we all genuinely love our job.

“For other people, it would be their worst nightmare having to smile at 6am, but I love it.”

When it’s her turn to present the show, Amy wakes up at 4.50am to get to the studio.

And despite not being a morning person, she leaps out of bed the second her alarm goes off.

“I don’t trust myself to press the snooze button.” She said.

“The thought of having an empty chair in the milkshake! studio is dreadful.”

Now, however, she is very busy with the theatre tour.

She added: “The Bananas in Pyjamas are 8ft tall.

“I’m only 5ft so it’s quite daunting!

“There’s a nice variety of characters in the show.

“I’m very passionate about theatre, and I think it’s important to get kids into theatre from a young age.

“It sounds soft, but it brings a tear to your eye sometimes because they are so mesmerised to see their heroes on stage.

“It’s like a rock show for them – sometimes children surge to the stage.

“It’s amazing to see them so happy.”

The show, by Channel 5 and Premier Stage Productions, runs at The Orchard on February 16 and 17.

It is suitable for children aged seven and under.

For tickets, visit orchardtheatre.co.uk