A passionate pianist is hoping to enchant people with classical music at a concert with a twist.

Bromley-born Simon Lane and his talented friends will be performing a varied programme of opera music including Mozart and Handel next Friday (January 11).

The playful second half will feature lighter songs from James Bond, Noel Coward and Gilbert and Sullivan to name but a few.

In a bid to encourage youngsters to listen to classical music, children under 16-years-old will enjoy free entry.

And unlike other classical recitals, there will be a chance for audience members to talk to the performers about the music and their instruments before the show begins.

Simon Lane and Friends will feature soprano Pippa Goss and tenor Greg Tassell.

Simon previously told News Shopper: “Lots of people in Bromley enjoy this kind of music.

“We started with audiences of about 60 or 70 but we now get on for 200 – it’s really exciting.

“It’s really nice to see the average age of a concert audience being young too.”

Simon, who has played the piano since he was five-years-old, believes it is very important for youngsters to be exposed to classical music.

He added: “It’s a form of expressing yourself.

“If they learn a classical instrument that’s great but even if they just listen they are transported somewhere else.

“Classical music is a wonderful form of escapism.

“When they are listening to it they don’t have to worry about what’s going on in their world.”

The group makes a conscious effort to keep their programme as varied as possible for returning fans.

Simon is also keen to quash the common misconception that classical music is an elitist genre exclusively for intellectuals.

He continued: “We have a discussion at the beginning so people who are playing can talk to the audience about the programme and how we started playing our instruments.

“It really breaks down the barriers and you don’t feel like you’re aloof.

"I really like to involve the audience.

“It makes it a much more intimate experience for everyone.”

The show takes place at Bromley Parish Church in Church Road.

Discussion time between the audience and performers begins at 6pm for anyone to attend free of charge.

After a short break, the music begins at 7pm.

Tickets are £15, or £10 for students, and available in advance.

For bookings, call 07775 685227.