Most of us can only dream of touring the country and becoming best mates with loveable Peter Andre.

But one musical double act from Beckenham is living the life many girls would give their Manolo Blahniks for.

The Rise, aka Michael Gazzard and Anthony Goldsbrough, are currently supporting the Mysterious Girl singer on a national tour, which stopped off at The O2 in Greenwich earlier this month.

Michael told Vibe: “Firstly we were session musicians and we played guitar for Pete in front of 50,000 people at T4 on The Beach – it was mad.

“Then we played for him on QVC seven days in a row when he was selling his album and we got really pally with him.

“He’s a top bloke.

“Since 2009 he’s done things for us which we never asked him to do.

“He’s tweeted about us, written a complete article about us in his new! magazine column, saying we’re a talent that’s not getting recognised.

“He’s a really nice, humble guy.

“Pete and I have the same crap sense of humour - we love puns and plays on words.

“He’s a very funny bloke.”

Michael and Anthony, who have been writing songs together for eight years, were thrilled to be asked to support Peter on his tour of the UK.

Michael added: “Our music style is pop acoustic - we both play the guitar and sing.

“We’re a bit like Ed Sheeran but there are two of us instead of one.”

Having been session musicians for The Corrs and Blue as well, The Rise are no strangers to success.

But supporting Peter, they are able to perform their own songs together and reach out to thousands of new fans over more than 30 dates.

“We always believed it was going to happen.” Michael continued.

“It’s like a rollercoaster.

“You can be so happy and high on what you’re doing, and then there will be three months of nothing.

“We’ve learnt over the years that so much is said, there are so many promises made that don’t come to fruition.

“Now we feel so lucky to be doing this tour.

“There have been so many highlights – The O2 was amazing.

“We won’t forget that in a while.

“It felt like it went so quick, the crowd were amazing.”

The Rise have notched up more than 5,000 followers on Twitter since meeting Peter, and shot up by 600 in just one evening at their last gig.

Their influences include Simon and Garfunkel, John Mayor, Goo Goo Dolls and Bob Dylan.

Michael said: “Our hopes for the future are just to be heard.

“It’s all about exposure now.”

Visit and follow them on Twitter @TheRiseofficial