James Wade, 24 , Welling

Why this design?

I had a tattoo from a younger age which I always regretted, so I wanted that covered up.

I decided to cover it with a Mexican sugar skull because they're so different and so detailed.

How much did it cost?


Did it hurt?

Yes, it’s a strong scratching feeling but it’s an enjoyable pain.

It’s just part of getting a tattoo.

What did your friends say?

All my mates love it.

Some of them even want to invest in their own tattoos now.

Have you got any more?

Yes I have a leg sleeve also by Ollie (Pinder).

It’s a staircase to heaven with an angel, swallows, butterflies and old ruins.

I'm also in the middle of having this sugar skull extended into a sleeve.

*James’ tattoo was done by Ollie Pinder at Demon Inkorporation in Bellegrove Road, Welling