WHAT a shame I no longer have a dog - if only it hadn’t died.

Because four-legged friends are made most welcome at The Woodman, with a large sign declaring free bags, bowls and biscuits are all on offer.

Sadly I had no canine companion, but the thought of biscuits made me hungry so I headed straight for a menu.

Straight away that is, after ordering a pint.

Now I know some people know it affectionately as ‘a pint of Hooligan’, but I like Hürlimann and this pint was especially good - just the right head, followed swiftly by a crisp, fresh taste.

Having gone the lager route, I felt the only proper choice was a quarter pound burger.

With the important stuff in hand, I turned my attention to the pub’s decor which, when you look closely, is remarkably green.

Beneath the beams is hung a generous supply of fresh green hops which adds a really nice village pub feel.

The walls beneath are green which give an even greener feel.

There are steps up from both sides of the bar.

On the left is a pleasant dining area which leads outside to what would be, if weather wasn’t ‘hissing down’, a very pleasant patio and garden area.

To the right the steps lead up to a more secluded sort of discreet drinking area.

I couldn’t really see round the corner and didn’t venture in, so can’t vouch for the bearded man and his companion, though they were joined later by members of the fairer sex.

Adding to that old fashioned, homely feel is a stack of horse brasses and what looks like a strangely placed lump of wood to one side of the bar.

It was still fairly quiet, but the number of stacked chairs at strategic points made me think it could get a lot busier.

At this stage the telly was on so I turned my attention to European footie featuring some north London team in white.

It was some time before the game became even mildly interesting, but it proved immaterial as one of three female locals who entered marched straight in and flicked the switch.

As soon as it arrived, I demolished the piled-high quarter pounder and am pleased to say it’s one of the best burgers I’ve sampled.

It was quite some time before I could even think about facing the equally superb sticky toffee pudding.

By now the place was packed so I decided it was time to head into the night.

Before heading into the sideways rain, I noticed that Thursday is quiz night and if you’re feeling hungry I reckon a full Sunday roast would be a real treat.

Last, but by no means least, I must give the toilets a mention as not only are they pristine and quite beautifully tiled, but there are a number of actually funny items pinned to the walls.

And what’s more, if you’d like to add your own photo there is an email address for submissions This is a traditional pub in the true sense of the word.

Well worth a visit.

The Woodman, High Street, Farnborough, BR6 7BA

Decor: **** (traditional and homely, a real pub feel)

Drink: ** (all the Shepherd Neame usual suspects)

Price: *** (£3.75 for a pint of Hürlimann, and a darn good burger for £7.70)

Atmosphere: **** (really got cracking by 7.30pm)

Staff: **** (excellent service)