Steve Ashdown, 45, Welling

Why this design?

It's a portrait of both of my children.

I keep losing photographs of them, so at least this one is with me permanently.

How much did it cost?


Did it hurt?

My daughter hurt the most because it's right on the tender part of my side.

My son wasn't too bad because it's more towards the middle of my back.

It's a strange feeling - it's a nice pain.

What did your friends say?

They all loved it.

They all know my kids and think the tattoo looks just like them.

Have you got any more?

Yes, I have a big cross on my back with writing, a gravestone on the other side of my back, my kids' names on my arms, Latin writing around my neck, swallows on my hands, and my kids' initials on my neck.

*Steve’s tattoo was done by La Vale at Demon Inkorporation in Bellegrove Road, Welling