Tulisa and Nicole are sharpening their claws and dusting off their most extravagant ball gowns in preparation for an extremely ugly Christmas.

The controversially named Ugly Sisters in The Broadway Theatre’s panto, Cinderella, are being played by glitzy drag queen duo Stephen Richards and Duncan McCann.

Stephen, aka Tulisa, told Vibe: “We are the Hardup sisters and there is nothing redeeming about us whatsoever.

“We are mean, bullies and hideous to each other as well.

“Whatever we can do to make our lives better we try – it all revolves around us.

“We tear up Cinderella’s ticket to the ball and she’s there in her rags and we destroy her dreams.

“We are waiting for the boos and hisses– the more the better.”

Stephen, who is best known for his drag persona Lola Lasagne, has known his co-star Duncan for 25 years.

This will be the first pantomime the cabaret stars have performed in.

He added: “Duncan has made all of our outfits for the show – he’s got very sore fingers at the moment.

“We tried to make them as Disney-esque as possible.

“They are very bright and completely outrageous.

“We provide the glamour in the show.

“We have 11 entrances and different costumes for each.”

The pair has been trying to break into pantomime for years.

Stephen, who has been performing as Ms Lasagne for 23 years, said: “For me it’s a dream come true.

“It’s a lot of hard work but I can’t wait.”

Performances run between December 15 and January 6.

For bookings call 0208 6900002 or visit broadwaytheatre.org.uk