Health and safety is normally the furthest thing from art lovers’ minds when they are admiring exhibitions.

But everyday warnings and signs we take for granted will be catapulted into the forefront of people’s thoughts during Philip Cheater’s show at cueB gallery in Brockley.

The untitled installation demonstrates how prominent health and safety artefacts have become in our environments.

It presents everyday signs and patterns of the healthcare industry on a monumental level to raise awareness.

In order to capture the festive spirit of Christmas, Philip has chosen a particular colour scheme for the installation, provoking emotion subtly compared to other seasonal displays.

Philip’s work in the past has included landscape interaction and regeneration projects as well as smaller-scale prints and dazzling graphics.

His work is always innovative, always aesthetically impressive and often thought-provoking, encouraging us to have another, closer look at the world around us.

The work will be displayed between December 8 and January 13.