We have been invited to an exclusive sneak preview of Vitality, the UK’s largest beauty, health and wellbeing event for women.

We've already had a peep at how be can all look more beautiful, this week we get an insight into the way to stay healthy and keep fit...

If you’re looking for inspirational new ways to lose weight and keep fit, than look no further than this year’s Vitality events, taking place in March (Vitality Show, Earls Court, 22nd – 25th) and April (Vitality Boutique, Bluewater, 26th – 29th).

Here are some of our handpicked favourites - from new fitness crazes and to the latest health news.

Just Jhoom!

There are over 200 free fitness classes available at the Vitality Show, so it’s an ideal time to try something new.

We love the sound of brand new Dancercise craze Just Jhoom which is poised to be the new Zumba.

Just Jhoom is the UK’s leading Bollywood inspired dance and fitness craze. The brainchild of a classically-trained Indian dancer, as well as sexy Bollywood dancing the workout comprises fitness training moves and even yoga poses.

Just Jhoom is an “energetic, sexy, glamorous, tongue-in-cheek and fun”, a great way to keep fit and lose weight. Plus you will love the vibrant and infectious Indian music.

News Shopper: Vitality health and fitness sneak preview

Cho-Yung tea

Jennifer Lopez, Penny Lancaster-Stewart, Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham all swear by green tea and it’s not just because it’s packed with antioxidants.

Nutritionist Kate Butler Bsc Hons comments: “There is evidence to suggest drinking green tea can slow down weight gain even when accompanied by a fatty diet. A green tea like Cho Yung is perfect for those trying to lose weight as it helps to support metabolism”.

Cho-Yung Tea is based on a 400 year old Chinese recipe and now it is coming to the Vitality Show. Cho-Yung Tea is made from 100% natural ingredients including Oolong leaf, lotus leaf, gynostemma leaves and cassia leaves.

News Shopper: Vitality health and fitness sneak preview

Nutritionist Fiona Kirk

Straight-talking nutritionist Fiona Kirk will be telling visitors to ditch faddy diets. While you might achieve some short term weight loss you end up feeling depressed and hungry a month down the line – and spiralling back to the comfort eating.

Fiona has developed new diets that forces the body to burn fat rather than store it. The diet will help you combat cravings and promotes continued fat loss with foods that are easy to find, quick to prepare and delicious.

Fiona says her plan will guarantee fat loss in two weeks - and you don’t have to say no to chocolate, coffee and alcohol – perfect to kick start your summer holiday slim plan.

Fiona will be holding free talks entitled 'Burn Baby Burn and Rediscover Your Waistline in 14 Days' on the Activia Health and Nutrition Stage on Friday at 7pm and Sunday at 5pm.

News Shopper: Vitality health and fitness sneak preview

For more information or to buy tickets visit vitalitylive.co.uk.