ORDERING on the internet means you do not always get what you were expecting, whether it be a t-shirt or a washing machine.

This is also true in the case of the Royal Tiffin as I found out when I went to pick up the food I ordered online.

As the picture shows, the takeaway is actually called Rice & Spice and the menu in the window is completely different to the Nepalese dishes I had chosen from online.

But, luckily for my stomach, the friendly takeaway man explained to me that after Royal Tiffin closed down (in a different location) the Rice & Spice took up the menu so can create the dishes for internet orders.

I started my Nepalese adventure with some momo, which looked a bit like the pierogi you might find on a Polish menu.

But the delicate spices of the mincemeat dumplings made them taste 100 per cent Asian rather than European.

To follow, the Hariyo chicken stood out a mile on the menu and on my plate.

The coriander sauce - flavoured with capsicum, mint, garlic, ginger and chillies - gave a herby kick to the succulent chicken which too was coloured green because of its saucy covering.

And even the khumb rice - basmati rice with mushrooms, peas and curry leaves - was deliciously different with its closest cousin on most Indian menus being mushroom rice.

Mushroom rice is available on the Rice & Spice menu but for Royal Tiffin dishes it is best to order online - or try asking the staff really nicely.

How The Royal Tiffin at Rice & Spice rated:
FOOD ***** A delicious taste of Nepal
SERVICE ***** Helpful and friendly
INTERIOR/DECOR *** Bright and clean

Address: The Royal Tiffin at Rice & Spice, 78 Brockley Rise, Forest Hill SE23 1LN