CHINESE takeaways are usually a disappointing affair. I eat them on hungover Sundays, shovelling noodles into my mouth while watching the greed filled faces of the people on the Antiques Roadshow.

Rarely do I think 'I could not have done better myself with a frying pan, leftover chicken, noodles and soy sauce', so was not overly excited to sample what Sun Do had to offer.

Wondering how my single status was so obvious after the woman pointed out the meals for one part of the menu I had to order more food than I wanted to make it look like I might be sharing with someone.

So instead of chow mein I got a large egg fried rice, a portion of chicken with ginger and spring onion and some sweet and sour king prawn balls.

Feeling like a fattie I only managed half the rice and half the chicken but thoroughly enjoyed what I did eat.

The rice was nicely cooked and provided a pillowy bed for the chicken with its strong ginger flavour battling with the slightly bitter tasting spring onion.

Undoubtedly the highlight though was the sweet and sour king prawn balls.

It was a childhood favourite and, until Sun Do, I had been unable to find some as good for years.

Rather than tasting like a king prawn version of a battered sausage, as is seemingly the norm with many takeaways these days, the batter was fluffy and delicious.

They are definitely something to order again when I’ve moved away from the meals for one section.

How Sun Do rated:
FOOD **** Changed my opinion of Chinese takeaways
SERVICE **** Helpful and attentive
INTERIOR/DECOR **** A touch of the Far East in Forest Hill

Address: Sun Do, 92 Brockley Rise, Forest Hill, SE23 1LN