Offering a varied menu of chicken and lamb kebabs, as well as a host of specialities, the jewel in this Persian takeaway’s crown is without doubt the generous serving of saffron rice.

Saffron is an expensive commodity with as impressive a history as its delicious flavour.

Alexander the Great apparently used it to cure battle wounds in his troops while non-Persians feared it to have aphrodisiac qualities.

Yet the chef at The Caspian tantalises the taste buds even further by throwing in an irresistible touch of butter to the saffron rice.

To begin, we ordered mirza ghasemi (£3.50) a starter of char grilled aubergines in a mixture of garlic, egg and fresh tomatoes, along with black and white sesame seeded bread (£1.50).

This was a simple dish with a smoked and slightly tangy sensation to it.

It would have been wrong not to try one of the many kebabs, so I went for ghafghazi (£9) – a mixed skewer of chicken and lamb chunks.

It was a mini meat feast, perfectly cooked, lovingly tender and not too chewy.

My partner chose lubia polo (£8) – rice cooked with sundried tomatoes, French beans and juicy chunks of lamb.

Service was courteous with the food promptly prepared for my arrival after ringing in my order.

A restaurant as well as a takeaway, the décor was smart and tidy with a large Faravahar on the wall, an ancient Iranian spiritual symbol.

The Caspian’s cuisine remains true to its ancient roots, bringing the flagrant flavours of saffron all the way from Iran to SE12.

How The Caspian rated:
FOOD ***** Authentic and truly delicious Persian cuisine
SERVICE ***** Prompt and very polite
INTERIOR/DECOR ***** You can't miss the impressive Faravahar on the wall

Address: The Caspian, 117 Burnt Ash Road, Lee, SE12 8RA