EROS House in Catford is known in architectural terms as brutalist.

Some would say that's putting it mildly.

For those not in the know, Eros House is the grey monolithic monstrosity that towers over the town centre - call it Catford's answer to the Eiffel Tower.

It's so hideous, it has been given Grade II listing.

As with most parts of Catford, it's not the sort of place you'd want to wander round after dark either.

Yet tucked away at the back and almost hidden from view lies the unexpected sight of an Italian restaurant.

Having eaten there on several occasions before, I declared to friends to have unearthed a piece of il bel paese in il brutto Catford.

Sadly La Pizzeria Italiana left a sour taste in the mouth on the night I called for a couple of takeaway pizzas.

The tuna on the Netuno (£7.95) along with the cheese on the Quattro Formaggi (£7.95) tasted decidedly off, while salt levels in the dough were reminiscent of a quick dip off the Amalfi coast.

Disappointingly, the chef was also out of the essential ingredient of gorgonzola, which we only discovered when we picked the pizzas up (along with prices higher than advertised online).

We went for a mixed salad as well (£3.50), which was mediocre at best and left to sweat in a bath of shop-bought dressing.

While service was excellent - the lady who runs the place is manners personified - it was a great shame that on this occasion, there were just one too many eros.

How La Pizzeria Italiana rated:
FOOD ** The cheese tasted off and they were out of gorgonzola
SERVICE ***** The lady in charge clearly works tirelessly to satisfy her customers
INTERIOR/DECOR **** A pleasant little enclave beneath a grey 1960s colossus

Address: La Pizzeria Italiana, 3 Eros House, Brownhill Road, Catford, SE6 2EF