CURRY houses in south London are ten-a-penny, so I don’t know why Mehak stood out.

Actually, I do. It’s the pair of columns outside.

Inside, the approach is tastefully minimal with striking-but-simple red-brown art brightening the walls.

While it got me inside, there was a concern the opulence would come at a price. But it’s decent value – a lamb bhuna will set you back £5.10, chicken tikka shashlick £6.70 and special fried rice, £2.60.

The menu is nice and broad with all the usual suspects and a few extras, too.

Mehak’s music was understated, enabling you to have a conversation and order without shouting. It was also in keeping with the restaurant’s theme – cool, contemporary, subcontinent pop.

Believe it or not, my favourite curry house has a nagging habit of sticking Britney Spears’ first album on, so Mehak’s choice was appreciated.

The waiters were friendly and attentive – our glasses did not remain empty for longer than a few seconds.

A quick word of warning: this is not fast food. They weren’t kidding in the note on the menu which says that food may take a little longer because they want to get it right.

An appetite-building wait climaxed with some top notch grub. The bhuna had a generous amount of tender meat in a sauce studded with tomato, onions and peppers.

The naan was massive and the fried rice justified the ‘special’ tag. It is fair to say the substance lived up to the style.

How Mehak rated:
FOOD **** (worth the wait)
SERVICE *** (cheerful)
INTERIOR/DÉCOR **** (inviting – a cut above)

Address: Mehak, 160 Trafalger Road, Greenwich, SE10 9TX