I was immediately taken by this restaurant. The cosy interior adorned with Moroccan artefacts and drapes, gives a truly authentic, yet homely feel right in the heart of Bexley Village.

We started with the mezze selection. This consisted of dips such as houmous, taramasalata, tzatziki and aubergine chutney accompanied with warm pitta bread which whetted the pallet perfectly. The aubergine chutney deserves special note, gentle eastern spices mixed perfectly with the aubergine to give this dip a great depth of flavour.

Having enjoyed the starters, this only heightened our anticipation for the main courses. We ordered Lamb tagine and the Chicken mqali tagine. Both were served in traditional Moroccan tagine pots and served with freshly steamed cous cous cooked traditionally.

There was so much care taken with each dish. The tagines were seasoned perfectly and dried fruits of prunes and apricots accompanied the lamb. The apricots added sweetness to the perfectly cooked lamb, while the prunes absorbed the full flavour of the spices and the juices from the meat to excellent effect. This gave the dish a rich, deliciously fruity feel – a real fusion of sweet and savoury flavours.

The Chicken mqali tagine was an explosion of gentle flavours from the zing provided by the preserved lemons, onions and fragrant spices right to the olive garnish that finished the dish off perfectly.

The chef and owner, Youssef, came to greet us while we ate. He talked about his background and influences in his cooking and was warm and friendly, as were the staff who served me. The hospitality is warm and the ambiance is intimate - the kind of venue where you can chill out and really enjoy your evening.

I've rarely seen food prepared with such delicacy, precision, and authenticity as I was served here. Flavours of Morocco certainly lives up to its name. I know I’ll be back for the food first and foremost, and also for the hospitality and ambiance.

Flavours of Morocco, 73 High Street, Bexley Village, DA5 1AA. Telephone 01322 551005. www.flavoursofmorocco.com